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Golden Seal Drops

Wildcrafted Golden Seal Tincture, soaked in 1996 means it is of a quality no longer available.

20ml Bottle 


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Goldenseal is one of the five top-selling herbal products in the United States. Goldenseal can be found in dietary supplements, eardrops, feminine cleansing products, cold/flu remedies, allergy remedies, laxatives, and digestive aids.

The popularity of goldenseal has led to a higher demand for the herb than growers can supply. This high demand has led to the substitution of other herbs such as Chinese goldthread and Oregon grape, which does not contain exactly the same isoquinoline alkaloids, and may not affect the body in the same way as goldenseal

Uses include Mouth anti-biotic, sores, or bleeding gums.

Small doses (10 drops in a glass of water) for nausea, diarrhea, I personally use this to prevent Bali Belly. 

Goldenseal is applied to any cuts or infected sores. Also for Pets.

Traditionally used for cold sores and any sores.

Goldenseal tincture may sting if applied to an open wound.  Cover the area with a little olive oil prior to applying Goldenseal to the affected area.

If you apply it on a cotton ball or gauze leave it to soak the area for 10 minutes and re-apply often.

Goldenseal was once common in the damp, shady forests of North America and was used both as a dye and medicine by the Native American Indians.  

It entered the United States and British Pharmacopoeias as a treatment for Uterine inflammation, and was so extensively collected in America that by the beginning of the twentieth century it was necessary to devise methods of commercial cultivation.  Now it is a very expensive herb that still finds considerable use in folk medicine.  

The name Hydrastis is derived from the Greek, meaning water-acting after its effect on the secretion of mucous membranes.

Traditional Uses include

Has been used for menstrual disorders.

Gastritis, peptic ulcer.

skin conditions including acne and eczema.

otitis media (ear infections)

To regulate the liver.

For nasal congestion or catarrhal conditions.

as a vaginal douche.

Mouthwash disinfectant.

for sore or bleeding gums - apply using a toothbrush.

also has been used for skin sores, ringworm.

has been used in small doses to relieve nausea.

small doses as a soothing eyewash.

said to be beneficial to people with anorexia and people.


Traditionally it is considered an anti-microbial, antibiotic, anti-catarrhal.

Traditional combinations are:

With mullein for earache.

Personally, I use the tincture 5-10 drops in each ear 2-4 times daily during the acute phase of ear Infection, then once daily for 2 weeks should be sufficient.  

I used this with my children every time they got an earache.

Great for swimmer's ear and particularly useful for recurrent ear infections. 

Please see the treatments section on Ear Infections for full details.

Combined with meadowsweet and chamomile for stomach conditions.

with Beth root for uterine hemorrhage.

Goldenseal is often found in combination with Echinacea in treatments for upper respiratory infections and is suggested to enhance the effects of Echinacea. However, the effects when these agents are combined are not scientifically proven.

Studies of the effectiveness of goldenseal are limited to one of its main chemical ingredients, berberine salts (there are few published human studies of goldenseal itself).

Goldenseal has become a popular treatment for common cold and upper respiratory tract infections and is often added to Echinacea in commercial herbal cold remedies.

Animal and laboratory research suggests that the goldenseal component berberine has effects against bacteria and inflammation.

The majority of clinical trials have used berberine rather than the herbal extract of goldenseal.

Recent Clinical Studies suggest its effectiveness with both children and adults affected with Infectious diarrhea, particularly E.coli infection.

Clinical studies also indicate its use in Trachoma, Giardiasis, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (as part of treatment)

Cutaneous leishmaniasis.

Contra-indications, Herb-drug interactions, and notes

Eating the fresh plant causes ulcers & inflamed mucous tissues. 

Not for internal use during pregnancy as it may stimulate the involuntary muscles of the uterus.

Also, it has been associated with a substantial risk of causing harmful effects on the fetus or neonate without causing malformations.

Goldenseal is discouraged internally during breastfeeding

A large dose is poisonous.

A prolonged large dose is toxic

Internal use in combinations only the herb is hypertensive, avoid large internal doses in cases of high blood pressure.

Berberine may reinforce the effects of other drugs which

displace the protein binding of bilirubin.

Goldenseal may interfere with the way the body processes certain herbs and supplements using a liver enzyme called cytochrome P450. As a result, the levels of other herbs or supplements may become too high in the blood.


Our Golden Seal is Certified organic and made as a 1:10

It has been soaked for 6 years before bottling, making it a very fine quality goldenseal.

The adult dose of a 1:10 for acute diarrhea is 2 to 4 ml daily.

 In general, I prefer smaller doses of this precious herb.

In the clinic, I have found 10 drops in a glass of water 3 times daily effective.

For general use, various types of goldenseal dosing have been used, each taken by mouth three times daily, including 0.5 to 1 gram tablets or capsules, 0.3 to 1 milliliter of liquid/fluid extract (1:1 in 60%ethanol), 0.5 to 1 gram as a decoction, or 2 to 4 milliliters as a tincture (1:10 in 60%  ethanol).

For infectious diarrheal, 100 to 200 milligrams of berberine hydrochloride taken by mouth four times daily, or a single dose of 400 milligrams taken by mouth has been studied.

Berberine sulfate is often used as well, and the hydrochloride and sulfate forms are generally thought to be equivalent.

Animal Dose .05-1 ml per 10 kg pet weight twice daily or as prescribed, internally best in combination.  Externally for wounds or ulcers apply freely up to 6 times per day.

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