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this is a piece I wrote on Cholesterol in about 2000 – nothing has changed in our...
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Winter Eating
Winter eating plan   This diet has been designed to suite a...
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Banana Smoothie
Banana smoothie 1-2 bananas 100 ml yoghurt ½...
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Debbie provides a range of consultations and massage 


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This full health assessment to assist you to regain your health A full one hour appointment which may last up to 2 hours depending on your personal health status.

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Deep Tissue Massage

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Bodywork encompasses the many different forms of massage therapy in alternative medicine. These can include: - Deep Tissue Myofascial Bodywork - Circulation and Lymphatic Massage - Pressure Point Therapy - Reflexology Stimulus - Bowen Techniques - Oriental Massage - Acupressure - Accident and Sports Injury MassageThis form of massage therapy also involves...

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Personalised Herbal Formula Consultation

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In this 2 and a half hour Consultation, I will assess your current health issues including your last 12 months Pathology.  We will discuss your Family Health History, your eating patterns and your environmental exposures to toxins and poisons.  From all this information I can design you a Personalised Herbal Formula for all 4 seasons.  You will receive a...

Price A$300.00
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