Winter eating plan


This diet has been designed to suite a couple; however it may be used for more people by adjusting the quantity of ingredients used. 

The basic concepts of therapeutic eating used in consideration are:

Digestive times

Oriental five phase - winter (seasonal eating)

Acid / alkaline balance

High nutrition

Food combining

Temperature & color

Food alchemy

(specific foods effects)


Ease of digestion

Minerals for the kidneys & bladder

Winter, according to the Chinese five elements theory, is the time related  to water.  This relates to the kidney & bladder.  Water is the essential medium of your body through which all things pass.  It is part of the lymphatic flow, helps eliminate waste, fight off infections, and facilitates the flow of saliva, urine, perspiration, tears, and sexual fluids.  

The kidneys filter the blood and keep the blood and body clean and in balance.  They filter several thousand quarts of blood daily, extracting and keeping the balance of mineral salts, acids, and wastes.  The health of the kidney can be seen in the glow of the skin, hair, and eyes.

The vitality of all body fluids is maintained by the kidney and bladder.

We can help these organs by:

Mineral balances in the diet.

Drinking clean water.

Correct toilet habits.

Balanced fluid intake.

Acid & alkaline balance (20% & 80%) in diet.

Stimulating the meridian points.

Warming foods.

Deep breathing.

Skin brushing.

Scalp massage.

Warm clothing.

Eating organic foods when possible


The groins and the bladder are like magistrates of a region or district,

They store the overflow and the fluid secretions which serve to regulate vaporisation.”

Nei ching


To be excluded from the diet:     replace with

Bread                                                                                     mountain bread,                                                       pita, lavish 

Milk                                                                                       ¼ cup yoghurt,                                                        to ¾ water


Flour products         

Cool drinks    

Margarine                                                                              butter

Cold drinks                                                                            water

Coffee & tea reduce these                                                     or herb tea, citrus &                                      honey

Microwave                                                                             conventional cooker    

Deep fried foods or take-always                                           fruit                              



No potato & meat (protein & starch) no rice & meat

No spaghetti & meat

No grains & fruit

Need 8 glasses of water a day

Don’t have too much water after 5pm

No aluminum pots, pans, cans etc

You are what you eat, think and do.

What you eat builds your physical state,

·         So if what you eat is nutritionally deficient, or contaminated by toxic or synthetic chemistry - if this is what you take in - it becomes what you are made off

What you think or how you think it becomes your reality,

·         To have a balanced view of life is a balancing act

      one must communicate with the aspects of self -

“a balanced state of mind = 80% positive

Nothing in denial

Open communication in the total self

What you do and eat has an impact on you physical body,

Your mind, your financial status,

Your relationships, your energy levels,

Your happiness levels, your ability to see clearly, in fact all aspects of your reality.




Shopping list for 2 people

Sauces:                                                                                                            diary:

Teriyaki marinade                                                                  1lb butter                     

Soy sauce                                                                               1    yoghurt - natural oyster sauce        2    cream - large      

Fish sauce                                                                                           

Olive oil - first cold press                                                      500gms cheese - mature

Apple cider vinegar                                                             parmesan cheese


Spiral spaghetti noodles                                                                                    

1 ginger

Tomato puree                                                                                     

2kg   onion                                                                            

2 tins   sardines in spring water                

1kg carrots

Mustard sauce                                                                                                

10 potatoes (red if poss)

2 sweet potatoes

1    capsicum (red)

1kg tomato

1 tub   alfalfa sprouts                                                                         

1kg mushrooms

2 lge   fish fillets                                                                                            

1 cabbage

4 chicken pieces                                                                                     

1 sm   zucchini

2 kg rump or porterhouse steak                                                          
250gm      garlic

750gms    round steak                                                                                    

10          lemons    

1            veal joint                                                                                          

1            grapefruit

10          oranges

1kg         bananas


Health shop lines:

100 gms celery seed (whole)

100 gms evening primrose seed (whole)

1 jar       tahini

1 tub      honey - untreated - unheated

1 pkt      nori - seaweed - sushi sheets

Food list                                                                                       




Sweet potato                                                                           barley  turnip               watercress

Spinach  green beans

Fresh raw pea’s                                                                      artichoke      

Ripe tomato                                                                           asparagus

Beetroot                                                                                 Brussels sprouts           


Cabbage                                                                                 carrot

Cauliflower                                                                            celery

Chives   corn                                                                        

Dandelion greens                                                                   eggplant

Garlic     horseradish

Leek      lettuce                                                                     

Mushroom                                                                             onion    

Parsnip   potato with skin

Radish   chili

Olive      apple

Avocado                                                                                banana

Berries   coconut                                                                   

Dates     grapefruit

Lemons  orange

Pears      pineapple


Fish - large fish at this time of year

Shark     snapper                                                                   

Abalone crab                                                                          

Muscles oysters                                                                                              

Swiss cheese                                                                          ricotta              

Cottage cheese                                                                      yoghurt

Cream    butter

Chicken chicken livers 

T-bone steak                                                                          rump

Nuts & seeds                                                                         almonds

Pecans   walnuts

Pine nuts                                                                                sunflower seeds

Sesame seeds                                                                         poppy seeds


Fennel seed                                                                            dill seed

Celery seed                                                                            rosehip 

Horsetail                                                                                alfalfa

Lemon balm                                                                           fennel greens   kelp

Agar agar                                                                               miso

Tofu       ginger                                                                     



Soy, teriyaki, oyster sauce fresh untreated honey (unheated)




On rising

It is essential to start the digestive system gently first thing on rising.  A bit like warming up a car first thing in the morning.

Prepare a warm drink of:

1.   Lemon & honey or

2.   Orange & honey or

3.   Grapefruit & honey or

4.   Herbal tea & honey or

5.   Orange juice freshly juiced

6.   Prune juice

Hot citrus

Slice ½ a citrus in ½ cm rings, place in cup,

Juice the other half, pour in cup,

Add honey to suite your taste,

Pour on hot water, let stand for a minute.

Take 20 ml of apple cider vinegar.

 If you are taking slippery elm powder, take it now.

Drink citrus drink.

Take herbal tonic now if you have one.

Take a small whole garlic (swallow) - to   lubricate the bowel.



      Banana supreme

1-2 bananas

1 or 2 teaspoons of honey

1 desert spoon sunflower seeds

1 teaspoon butter

Small amount of grated ginger.

Gently heat butter in frypan and add sunflower seeds and grated ginger. When brown add honey to pan.  Heat, pour

Over sliced banana.  May add cream or yoghurt.<