SEASONAL EATING: For Vitality and Health

Do you run out of energy before the end of the day?
Would you like to lift your personal well-being and vitality?
Do you wish you could be happier and enjoy every day of your life?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, ‘Seasonal Eating’ is for you! One of Australia’s most experienced Western Medical Herbalists, Debra Hearn provides a simple and relatively easy way for you to gain more energy and vitality and lift your levels of personal well-being.
In ‘Seasonal Eating: 
Eating for Vitality and Health,’ you will discover what and how to eat in harmony with the four seasons which is how nature intended for us. This book is not about a particular diet or exercise regime; rather, it is about practical guidelines for healthy eating, cleansing and tonifying the body systems, choosing the right food combinations, and balancing your digestive times. Also included are a wide range of food choices and meal plans.

This book was written initially as Patient hand-outs to help my patients gain better health, slowly it went from a one or two-page information sheet to after 30 years it became this book.

It is a workbook to help guide you to better choices to improve your vitality and health.