Spaghetti Bolognese 

       1 kg of good quality Beef Mince

       ½ kg of Pork Mince

       3 - 5 cloves of garlic

       3 large brown onions

       1 zucchini

       1 Eggplant

       ½ pumpkin

       Punnet of Mushrooms

       3 – 6 tomatoes 

       3 teaspoons of Basil and Marjoram, Thyme

       ¼ teaspoon of Bladder wrack Kelp  

       ¼    Teaspoon of salt

       Small amount of Teriyaki Sauce

       Jar of Passata Sauce   

       Olive oil

       Tin of Tomato paste

       Grated Cheese of your choice, I use either Parmesan or a grated Mature Cheese

Chop all vegetables

Cook a bag of spiral spaghetti noodles


Place in a large pan with crushed garlic, onions, olive oil, and teriyaki sauce and


Add Mushrooms and brown

Add Mince and brown

Add tomatoes, basil, Passata and condensed tomato paste

Add the rest of the vegetables

Add water to cover all contents of the pan and simmer, stirring frequently until the pumpkin is cooked.

With a fork mash the pumpkin so it vanishes into the sauce.


When noodles are cooked, strain and rinse,

Replace in pot.

Serve with herb salt

Add Cheese of your choice

Makes 12 serves – freeze in tubs as one meal per tub for lazy night frozen dinners