Food Combining Rules

Most of us are becoming aware that our digestive systems are not happy.

One of the key reasons is poor food combining. The reasons are simple, like –

We can’t use the gall-bile and use the pancreatic secretions at the same time translated this means no meat & potatoes

(Proteins & carbohydrates) as it is physically impossible for these two organs to empty into the duodenum – small intestines.   Food combining is confusing most people because there are some rules which seem to cross over each other, so lets work with the basic rules to find the individual eating plan as each body reveals it’s need’s to its driver.

There are many unseen dangers in eating commercial food – take-always & junk food. These foods are broken down and assimilated into our body – the chemistry of take-always, lollies etc. Are synthetic and many have been identified as extremely toxic.

Commercially grown foods are nutrient deficient and sprayed with poisons etc., all this chemistry is taken in to the body with disastrous effects on the chemistry of our body – much of this chemistry is transformed in our body to potential cancers or some other destructive process.

Simply – organic food is real and it is nourishing

Fruits & vegetable do not mix. The sugars & acids in fruits slow the digestion of the starches in vegetables and may cause fermentation, bloating and gas. It is best to eat fruits and vegetables separately at different meals. Occasional fruit desserts should be eaten 1 ½ – 2 hours after a    meal of vegetables or sprouts.

When eating fruits, avoid mixing acid fruits with sweet fruits. Use either sweet or acid fruits with sub acid fruits. –

No citrus with other fruit

Any greens, sprouts, and vegetables (including avocados) mix well together. Sauces made from avocados, seeds, or nuts also mix well with greens, vegetables, and sprouts, just try to avoid using overly complex mixtures of these foods at one meal. A good rule of thumb is to limit the number of foods used in combination to 8 or less. I.e. Steak & salad – lettuce, carrot, celery, avocado, tomato, sprouts, dandelion greens.

Food combining

Avoid eating bread, sprouted grains or grain crisps with acid fruits. Occasionally you may use sweet or sub acid fruits with sprouted grains to make cereals or breads.

Fruits go well with sprouted seed or nut sauces.

The one exception is melons, which should be eaten alone. Also never, combine any melon with another melon.

Try to avoid drinking with your meals. It is better to take juices ½ hour before meals or 1-½ hours after. Drinking while eaten weakens the action of the digestive juices in the stomach and is unnecessary in terms of thirst when you eat plenty of natural foods, because they have a high percentage of water.

excellent food combining is the key to energized life.   The way to a healthy bowel, and a much more active life.    Balance is the key word     – I am balanced – so my diet is balanced

–      My diet is balanced           –               I am balanced

Rules to healthy eating

for optimal digestion try these simple rules

Chew foods thoroughly, saliva is the first step in digestion, enzyme full to start the break down food in the mouth. 30 or more chews per mouthful. Mix liquids and juices with you saliva as well.

Eat food that is warmed to room temperature. Excessively cold foods dilated the diaphragm, which can cause chest pains. Cold food in the stomach must be bought to body temperature before digestion can occur. This also burns energy to extract energy – it is a waste of energy.



Eat raw food at a meal before any cooked food. -as raw food has a more rapid digestion, which will push the slower, cooked foods through the digestive tract too quickly reducing the assimilation of nutrients.

·         Cooked food is a slow digestive process


Eating cooked food first causes fermentation in digestion and gas is produced.

Be relaxed when eating; look at your food so your brain may instruct your body which processes are required.

Make meals of one or two combinations, especially one protein or starch with one or two vegetables.  I.e. Chicken with cabbage

All juices can be mixed because they are liquid and will be absorbed by the body in ½ hour. The longer the juice can sit in the mouth, under the tongue (sublingual) the more nutrition is absorbed.

There are an endless variety of menu choices for summer that are healthy and nutritious.   Keep concepts of eating such as food combining rules, digestive times of foods, and the principals of a balanced acid/alkaline eating plan uppermost in your eating patterns and you will feel invigorated throughout summer and the rest of the year to come. Eating badly or frequent take-a ways and junk foods too often and you will feel lethargic and need to detox your body of the toxin you will accrue. This is a setback at   any time.

To correct nutritional deficiencies we us juice plus+ a balanced blend of natural vine ripened fruit & vegetable extracts and not a synthetic form of vitamins, and minerals which are difficult for the body to process.  The juice plus+ gives 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains supplying the body with “nutritional diversity”.  Many of us are not eating 17 different fruits & veg in a year let alone every day.

We also have an all-natural herbal mineral tonic for a boost.

500 ml lasts approx. 3 weeks to 1 month. 1 cap 4 times a day

If you suffer from the heat excessively, we have lemon & mint meade — add 20 ml to a glass of water for internal coolness.

do not forget to exercise & meditate – you all know how highly I recommend yoga especially

Remember – no yang on yang – (hot exercise in the heat of the day) this has a negative effect on the heart & circulation

Anyone feeling blue needs to up his or her intake of kelp – and other seaweed. To most Australians seaweed has not been a part of our diet. This dietary deficiency creates havoc in the body. Adversely affecting the thyroid gland and metabolism, moods, and all body tissues and organs.