In my years as an herbalist many people have come into my clinic looking to improve their general health by way of preventing health issues in the future. These people are realistic about what herbal medicine can offer them, they are not looking for a miracle, just the possibility of  better health.   Most of them have a true understanding of their possible genetic health issues or they have a condition which they would like help with.  Maybe something like a poor liver, many herbs can help the liver process chemistry a little better.  These people usually have done their own research and take responsibility for their own health.

Then I have seen people who do not take responsibility and are looking for a miracle.  Looking for someone to take over the responsibility for their health, they will not eat better, they will not get fresh air, sunshine or exercise and wonder why they do not get better.

In Australia Herbalist and Naturopaths, in fact all forms of medicine are governed by the TGA, who’s responsibility is to protect the public from harm.

The TGA governs what claims are made and how Practitioners can operate business.

Herbalists are not allowed to dispense herbal medicine without doing a full health assessment to prescribe herbs.  We must understand the person’s constitution, ascertain if they are on any medications and what – if any – Herb-Drug interactions are likely.