Dill for Baby

Throughout history parents have used herbs to help babies and children feel better.

Usually the first herb a baby is given is dill.  Dill is used for colic or tummy pains. Dill can be added in small drop doses, 2 drops at a time –  to a babies milk or combine 2 drops of Dill Tincture with 4 drops honey and 3 ml of boiled water and given directly.

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The actions of Dill are:  Antispasmodic, Carminative, Galactagogue, Stomachic, Aromatic, and Digestive Stimulant.

The history or dill goes back as far as the Egyptian Papyri over 5000 years ago.

It was also used in biblical times to pay taxes.

Traditionally the seed have been used for colic, however when using the seed it needs to be bruised and boiled.

Other uses of Dill:

Flatulence, and digestive spasms, sweetens the breath, stimulates the appetite, as a tea for Hiccups, Brain Tonic, seeds are used to flavour cakes, and seeds soaked in oil and applied to skin ulcers to dry the ulcer out.

Dill is an easy herb to grow but cannot grow alongside Fennel

Dill leaf is a spring herb and the seed is a summer herb.