Vaginal treatments

Candida is the yeast organism causing thrush. Candida lives naturally on the skin, in the bowel and in the vagina. Sometimes it starts to grow rapidly and causes a rash (thrush). This growth can be triggered by some things – like sexual intercourse, taking the pill and antibiotics, pregnancy or less commonly diabetes, but often there is no obvious reason. Some women rarely, if ever, get thrush, while some women can get it several times a year. Thrush in the vagina can cause a lot of discomfort. Most often the immune system is depressed.


 Clary sage, Rose Geranium, and lavender vaginal spray

Add 10 drops of each of these essential oils to a spray bottle with 100 ml of purified water.

Spray the area for a soothing, slightly tingling perfume.

Vaginal douche
Bring to the boil boil 2 large handfuls of lavender in 2 litres of purified water. Cool to room temperature, strain and put the liquid into your douche. Use all the liquid. Repeat weekly or as often as required.

Garlic treatment
Peal a large clove of garlic without cutting the clove except for the end. Insert into the vagina before going to bed at night. In the morning carefully insert your fingers into the vagina to remove the clove of garlic. Douche with lavender water to remove the smell of garlic from the vagina.

Tampon treatment
Buy certified organically grown tampons to prevent cervical cancers. Put 6 drops of pure essential oil of lavender or tea tree oil on the tip and top sides of the tampon. Insert vaginally for 15 minutes to an hour. Remove – repeat as often as required. The oil will not burn the delicate vaginal tissue, you may feel a warm sensation in the vagina and a taste of lavender in your mouth.
Herbs recommended for internal use as a tonic.

·         Lemon – antiscorbutic

·         Couch grass – antimicrobial

·         Yarrow – astringent & antiseptic (NFP)

·         Sage – antiseptic, astringent, soothes mucous membranes (NFP)

Contra-indication for using sage as a herb tea. Not more than 1 teaspoon of the dried herb per day for 5 days. Not for use when pregnant (NFP).

·         Alfalfa – balances the ph of the body

·         Nettle – tonic, especially beneficial where an astringent is needed.

·         Mullein – vulnerary & demulcent

·         Red clover – blood & lymph cleanser

·         Pau’d’arco – an excellent anti-fungal herb (NFP)

·         Immune herbs may be required if your immune system is depressed

·         Diet –

·         No starchy foods – e.g. Flour products, very simple foods ( watch food combining) Plenty of fresh garlic, onions, corn and yoghurt – 2 litres of purified water daily Garlic or Onion soup


Please go to your doctor if you may have an Sexually transmitted disease for testing.

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