This is a simple way of confirming whether or not this particular remedy, tonic, ointment or whatever is the right one.

Muscle testing involves isolating one muscle, e.g. the deltoid, in the shoulder area, and checking a person's strength by exerting pressure against the movement of the muscle to detect energy imbalance.

If the muscle test gives a 'weak' or 'switched off' result, this is an indication that there is a short-circuiting in the energy system between the brain and the muscle. Therefore a positive or strong response indicates a strengthening in the energy systems, therefore, confirming the body's need for this nutritional chemistry or tonic.

The aim of herbs and food is to recharge the energy systems in the body.

Set a person on a comfortable chair with baby on his/her knee, both feet flat on the floor - to ground the person, check posture is good. Making sure one arm is securely around the baby. The person who is testing puts one hand flat over the deltoid muscle that is the top of the arm where the shoulder meets. The person being tested raises the arm straight out in front about level with eyes, toward the roof. The person doing the test puts their other hand over the raised wrist. Then the person being tested pushes up while the tester exerts a slight pressure downward. From this the tester gets a feel of the strength of the person being tested. Now ask the person being tested or the baby to hold the bottle containing the herb, food, or whatever they want tested. Repeat the process of person pushing upward and you pushing downward.

Feel the energy difference, does it strengthen or weaken the person. Of course the more you practice this the better you get and you can test anything you like this way. It's a matter of tuning in to the inner wisdom and the flow of the body.

with this method you may test anything including suspected allergies.

just remember results will change as the allergy state or the need for a nutrient changes, which can mean the results can change from day to day