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Ear Infections
Ear Infections
The ear is an important organ, which provides hearing and balance....
Dec 18, 2018 Debra Hearn 92 0
History of herbal medicine
Samuel Thomson (1769–1843) grew up in Alstead New Hampshire to a poor farmer John...
Jul 5, 2017 Debra Hearn 158 0
Dill for Baby
Dill for Baby Throughout history parents have used herbs to help babies...
Jul 5, 2017 Debra Hearn 163 0

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At your initial Consultation a herbal plan will be designed for you, you will then be granted access to the Herbal Formula area and be able to re-order your formula, for your convenience.  Also health information files will be available for you to read.  This web page is under construction as stock is added, in the mean time please phone me for repeat orders on 0484360807

Herbal Formulas Range in price from $120 for 550 ml bottle 

Allergy Tonic - traditional herbs for allergies

Antidepressant tonic - traditional anxiety and nerve herbs with Panax Ginseng and Siberian Ginseng

Arthritis Tonic - traditional herbs for arthritis

Asthma Tonic - traditional Asthma Herbs

Baby & Children's Tonic - traditional herbs

Bladder Infection Tonic - herbs for irritated, infected or inflammation 

Calm Tonic - for all ages, great to sleep on

Cramp Tonic - for spasm, cramp, nerve pain and fitting

Cold and Flu - for young children 

C-Mix - traditional anti-cancer herbs

Digestive tonic -- traditional digestive herbs

Fertility Tonic -- traditional herbs for conception

Flatulence Tonic - traditional herbs for gas

Gallbladder Tonic - Traditional GB herbs

Headache Tonic - traditional migraine and headache herbs

Hormone Balance herbal formulas -

Male and Female Influenza Tonic -- traditional herbs for influenza and colds

Immune Tonic - a variety or traditional herbal formulas for the immune system

Kidney Tonics - tonic, gravel, stones, increase output traditional formulas

Liver Tonic - traditional liver detox and tonic

Liver Heat Tonic - traditional heat herbs 

Lung Tonic - traditional lung herbs

Memory Tonic - traditional brain herbs

Menopause Tonic - traditional herbs

Pleurisy Tonic - wet lung herbs

Throat Tonic - Traditional formula

White Blood Cell Tonic - traditional herbs

Worm Tonic - traditional herbs

Seasonal Tonic - traditional formulas to tonify the seasonal organ and fortify the the organs in the coming season - Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn, Winter

and many more, please ask

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Ingredients are based on traditional herbs and organ balance, Herbal pick-me-up.  550 ml bottle

Price A$150.00
In stock

Anti-D 1100 mL

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Ingredients are based on traditional herbs and organ balance, Herbal pick-me-up.  1100 ml bottle

Price A$300.00
In stock


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Ingredients are based on traditional herbs which are powerful immune enhancing tonics.

Price A$142.00
In stock

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