Currently Studying Bachelors in Complementary Medicine - Endeavour College Perth 2019

Currently Studying Herbal Medicine for Companion Pets - Dogs and Cats

• Refresher in Chinese Medicine Theory and Acupuncture - Endeavor College Perth - 2013

Refresher Graduate Diploma in Health Science (Herbal Medicine)  - University of New England 18 months 2005-6

• NLP Practioner (2006)

Advanced Diploma of Herbalism & Naturopathy (2002)

• Refresher in Acupuncture - AIHM 2003

Diploma of Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine - Dunns Herbal College 1990-1994

• Clinical Training 

Diploma of Ortho-Spinal Practice or D.A.T.A (Dragon & Tiger Alignment) - Dunns Herbal College 

• Subjects: Anatomy, Body Chemistry, Oriental Theories - Acupressure & Acupuncture, Acupressure, 

 Disease & Prognosis, Aromatherapy, Oriental bodywork, Herbology,

Diploma of Nutrition - Dunns Herbal College 

• Subjects: Herbology, Body Chemistry, Oriental Theories - Diagnosis Techniques, Anatomy,        Diseases and Prognosis, Iridology

Other Subjects Studied: Aromatherapy, Barch Flower Remedies, Kinesiology and Permaculture.

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