Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are asked frequently by new and regular customer

Question 1

Q. How long will it take for me to get better?

As the time it takes for a person to improve will depend on the particular health issue we are treating. Some examples are:
If your liver is a little messed up due to overindulgence it will generally improve in about 3 to 6 months. If you have major liver damage from alcohol, virus or chemical damage it will take much longer up to 2 years generally - if it can be corrected.

Question 2

Q. How much will it cost per month for my herbal and nutritional program?

After your Initial Health Assessment which is only $150.00, programs vary as per examples below:

A. Generally a good nutritional program will cost around $100.00 per month.
Herbal programs vary from $120.00 to $250 per month.
Herbal programs for advanced diseases will vary depending on which type of illness you have and how advanced the condition is. 

Fertility Program - generally a 4 month program – Nutritional component around $100 pm   --  Herbal Component $220.00 per month

The prices of herbs vary widely from around $80 a Kilo to $2,500.00 per Kilo - so it all depends on the herbs you need and the dose you need. 

Saffron, which I do not stock, is $5,500.00 per Kg

Full pricing is given on your first appointment and I detail all your options.

Question 3

Q. How much research has been done on herbs and can anyone find this research?

A. In 2008 about 80 herbs have had some form of research done. Anyone can read citations on this research at PUBMED

Question 4

Q. Will my tonic taste bad?

A. At the Herb Factory I endeavor to make all the tonics taste the best they can. I taste every batch of formula's as I make them. Some herb's have a very bitter or nasty taste and not much can be done to improve the tonic. I still try though adding mead.


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